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We are conducting weekly Zoom sessions for any and all inquiries or questions about sponsoring. The first one will be on Tuesday, September 26th, and continue on 10/03/2023, 10/10/2023, 10/17/2023, and so on. No registration, just log on and ask away. We're eager to speak with you and answer any queries you may have! 

Link to Join:


Over 7 million Ukrainians, most of them women, children, and the elderly have fled in the wake of Russia’s full-scale invasion and all-out war. Many have found safety and support in European countries. Through the Uniting for Ukraine program, America joins European countries as a safe haven for Ukrainians, creating a pathway for over 100,000 Ukrainians to America. For a Ukrainian family to come to the USA, they must first have a sponsor here. The sponsor is to support them and help them get on their feet in America. The Selfreliance Association is working to pair amazing sponsors with Ukrainian families who would like to come to the USA. 

Sponsorship is the ultimate neighborly act. Sponsors provide day-to-day support to make sure Ukrainian newcomers are welcomed, get on their feet, and have the information and tools they need to start a new life in the USA.



  • Serve as a guide to life in the USA and to their city or town.

  • Meet newcomers at their airport. 

  • Help newcomers find permanent housing and help with move in. 

  • Help newcomers find furniture and other goods needed to set up a new home.

  • Make sure children are enrolled in a local school.

  • Make sure that the family is connected to a healthcare provider, including enrollment in a health insurance plan. 

  • Help parents apply for jobs. 

  • Make sure the new immigrants know where to shop for groceries.

  • Make sure they know how to navigate through public transportation.

  • Make sure they know where to find community resources, like English language classes and the best places to spend a weekend afternoon!

  • More than anything, they make sure that newcomers feel at home- by being the friend they can rely on when they have questions, the person who will make them feel at home, and included in their new community. 



The war in Ukraine has displaced more than 10 million people, including over four million children. No one should have to live through that, but for millions of Ukrainians, that is the jarring reality of their lives.


The people fleeing the war in Ukraine come from all walks of life. Some will come with their children or parents, while others are on their own. American communities will benefit enormously from their expertise, experience, and courage. But first, they need your friendship and support. 

One of the most vital objectives a sponsor can do is to be a good friend to a newcomer as they navigate the challenges of being displaced and starting a new life in safety away from the war zone. Providing emotional support and being a friend during a difficult period in their life is one of the most rewarding aspects of sponsorship. ​


There are numerous reasons to think about getting friends and family together to form a sponsor group: it makes the work easier, can be deeply rewarding, and helps the arriving family know people in the community. 

Sponsorship carries with it some basic financial responsibilities. While there is no required amount, you and your group should plan to raise at least $3,000 for each person sponsored in the first 90 days after their arrival in the USA.



As a sponsor, you are a bridge-builder, an ambassador of welcome, a friendly neighbor, and a tour guide to life in the USA. But your ultimate goal is to work yourself out of the role of sponsor and into the role of supporter – you want to empower newcomers to begin their lives in America. By seeing your role as a partner, you will help set them on a path to independence and successful integration.



The Selfreliance Association is here for you, the sponsor, every step of the way! We have the community ready to help each of you throughout the entire process.  Selfreliance will help to provide support services for the beneficiaries. We are here to become a part of your group, and bring in other individuals and organizations to form a strong team. 

Our team can answer your questions and help you to register as a sponsor.  

Additional resources:

Sponsorship can be a wonderful, joyful, transformative experience – not only for the newcomers that you welcome but also for you.

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