Financial services

Personal credit consultation

Tuesday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.


Common Sense Club


Information sessions

An optimized budget today means a secure pension tomorrow

(A new look at some old rules, common mistakes and tips to always be prepared)


  1. Introduction: budgeting and general overview of finances

  2. Structure and categories of the budget

  3. Fast fund

  4. Credit history (creation, fixation, improvement)

  5. Popular financial instruments (life insurance, real estate / mortgage, 401K / IRA, etc.)

  6. Investing (profession, education, business)

  7. American financial system (overview)

  8. Additional topics:

    1. The United States as a country of common sense - the basic rules of the community and common mistakes

    2. Employment - job search, resume creation, interview, training

    3. Start a business - rules and pitfalls

    4. The family budget is the basis of financial stability

    5. Real estate financing and refinancing potential

    6. Short sale

    7. Exposure

    8. Mortgage modification

    9. Credit history (correction after bankruptcy or recovery