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Food and Nutrition
Mondays 6-7 P.M.


Everyone understands and interprets the words "diet" and "healthy eating" in their own way, after reading a post, watching a video, or guided by their own skills or listening to someone's recommendations.


In fact, there is no single food or special drink that cures all diseases.


A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are a simple, accessible method that is not taught at all in schools and universities.


By adjusting your diet, changing your eating habits, adding movement and positivity to your life, you can significantly improve your health and mood.


It is this simple and at the same time invaluable knowledge that you will gain by attending the "Fundamentals of Healthy Eating” and the marathon "Healthy Body" courses, which are held free of charge at Selfreliance Association every Monday at 6:00 pm., at 2456 W Chicago Ave, Chicago Il, 60622

  • You will learn to select and prepare balanced, healthy meals.

  • You will expand your knowledge of the basics of proper, balanced nutrition, which will improve your quality of life and help you be healthy, young, beautiful and full of energy.

  • You will get answers to your favorite questions about nutrition, improve your health and expand your understanding of healthy food and its possibilities.

  • Also, every Saturday, you can consult with nutritionist Vira Boychuk.


To participate in the courses and/or register for a consultation, please register in advance by calling (773) 692-1010 or send a message:

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