History of the radio program:

The radio program "Ukrainian Vechirna Trybuna" was founded in 1959 by OOChSU in Chicago, Branch 8, only 15 minutes of airtime at the beginning. Its main task was to promote Ukrainian culture and history, and for the content of the program to promote the concept "Know Your Past".

Recently, the radio program has been broadcast for 10 years under the auspices of the UCCA Illinois Division.
From April 2020 - the owner of the program is the Selfreliance Association.
For many years, the main sponsor of the radio program ihas been Selfreliance Federal Credit Union and the Selfreliance Foundation.

The program is broadcast every Thursday on 1240 AM and 1470 AM in Chicago and the surrounding area from 8 to 9 p.m.


Vasyl Tretyak is the host of the "Historical Figure" column.

The host of the Ukrainian news block is Yuriy Soroka.


Mila Lugova is a charming news anchor in Chicago and the United States, as well as the "Personalities" program.


Host of the cultural page of the radio

Vera Boychuk


Nadiya Ilkiv is a long-time host and editor of the Ukrainian Evening Tribune radio program.



Interversion presenter

Lukach Mykola